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With your bridal styling, you are in experienced hands with me. With a trial styling, we can decide which styling suits you best. I take into account all your wishes. During the trial styling, you can try on different hair accessories and choose something. On the wedding day I will come straight to your location and style you for the most beautiful day of your life.


I work with the airbrush make-up system - the method for the "Photoshop effect". The make-up is applied evenly for an even complexion, is touch and waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours.


In my opinion, this is the best solution for the wedding day, as the bride is often kissed and touched and sometimes sweats quickly.


You are welcome to test the airbrush make-up at my trial styling free of charge.



170* Make-up 

140* Trial make-up 

170* Hair Style

140* Trial hair style

€200* Wedding Trial**

350 Wedding day

540* Complex Wedding package (incl.

€85/h. Accompanying

€50 Early departures

€85* Make-up

€85* Hair Style  

€150* Complex**  with hair curls

€150* Complex**  with high hairstyle

€50* Groom styling****

€50 Early departures 

€50 Prepaiment

* Excl. travel costs Anfahrt 15,-€, zzgl. 0,50€ pro km. Nur einfache Fahrt wird berechnet.

** Makeup & Hair (consumables: premium eyelashes, hairpins, etc)

*** Trial Makeup & Hair Style & Wedding day

**** Hair Style, cover up imperfections , dark circles, etc 

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