Professional Makeup (Visagistin) and Hairstyle (Friseurin) Artist with more then 10 years of experience. My studio The Beauty Lab is based in Frankfurt. Weddings (Hochzeiten), shootings, fashion performances, backstages, Shootings of advirtisment and TV programs.
Fritz-Erler-Straße 1 Offenbach DE Hessen 63073
Visagistin | Deutschland | Braut Makeup Hairstyle in Frankfurt

"Braut Makeup & Haarstyle in Frankfurt, Deutschland"


Create an ideal wedding image that will emphasize your dignity.

€90* Make-up 

€90* Trial make-up 

€90* Hair Style

€90* Trial hair style

€150* Wedding Trial**

€180 Wedding day

€330* Complex Wedding package (incl.

€50/h. Accompanying

€50 Early departures

€50 Prepaiment


At the celebration, everyone should look perfect. I will be happy to create for you a beautiful, harmonious image

€80* Make-up

€75* Hair Style  

€120* Complex**

€50* Groom styling****

€50 Early departures 

€50 Prepaiment


Wedding package


1. Trial make-up & Hair Style

2. Make-up & Hair Style in the Wedding day

3. Accompanying 5 hours

4. Change make-up & hair style 



Wedding package


1. Trial make-up & Hair Style

2. Make-up & Hair Style in the Wedding day

3. Accompanying 8 hours

4. 1 Change make-up & hair style 

5.  Make-up & Hair Style for 2 guest



* Excl. travel costs Anfahrt 15,-€, zzgl. 0,50€ pro km. Nur einfache Fahrt wird berechnet.

** Makeup & Hair (consumables: premium eyelashes, hairpins, etc)

*** Trial Makeup & Hair Style & Wedding day

**** Hair Style, cover up imperfections , dark circles, etc 


Would you prepare for  important event? I'll do your make-up&hair style irresistible and appropriate for every event.

€80* Make-up

€75* Hair Style  

€120* Complex

€50/ч. Сопровождение

€50 Early departures

€50 Prepaiment


If you don't want to waste time, want to save money and buy only the most necessary cosmetics and that will suit you


1. Consultation at studio (may be online)

2. Assortment of a cosmetic bag

3. Selections of make-up tools and for skincare

4. Training daytime make-up

5. Shopping  1 hour



If you want to improve your level and learn a lot of useful information. To work out any subject interesting you (make-up, hairstyles). Classes are held in a comfortable studio. All consumables are provided

€150 per person

€50 prepayment


After one lesson you will learn how to make a gentle image and how easily it can be transformed into an elegant evening. All consumables are provided.

€130 per person/3hours

€50 prepayment


Hi everyone, I am Zhenya Tarasova.

I am a professional makeup artist having over 10 years experience. 5 from them I was the lead makeup artist of Givenchy in Russia and CIS region countries.

Now I am working in EU, Russia and CIS region, being the founder of THE BEAUTY LAB agency. My studio is based in Frankfurt, Germany

I am collaborating with such top magazines as  Vogue, Top Beauty, Cosmo, Glamour and others.

I am working on shootings, fashion performances, backstages, taking part in shootings of advirtisment and TV programs.

Of course I am working with private customers and brides as well. I have 200 successful brides on my record, more then 10.000 ! happy customers.

My famous customers are Julia Parshuta, Natalia Medvedeva, Alexey Chadov, Andrey Merzlikin, Maria Vey, Masha List, Sasha Spilberg and others. 

You can be sure, that collaborating with me, you will get the best quality and professionality. 

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+49 (0) 159 05772551 Germany 

The Beauty Lab Studio: Offenbach, Hessen, Germany


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